Training Class Schedule

Aldea Training Institute

Resource Parent Orientation

This training provides an overview of the Resource Family Approval application process including: an introduction to Aldea, its history, the various Treatment Foster Care programs, as well as support services provided to all Resource Families. We will define what a Resource Parent is and go over the responsibilities that come with the role, as well as the five competency categories guiding a Resource Parent.  We will explain the process of becoming an approved Resource Parent: the required documentation, pre-service trainings, submission of background checks via Live Scan, how to prepare your home for RFA approval, and review the purpose of the psychosocial assessment (home study interviews and report).

Online via Zoom

The First 30 Days in Foster Care: What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Foster Youth

You’ve been approved as a Resource Parent for the first time-- what’s next? This training will go over the ins and outs of what to expect when you get a foster youth in, focusing on the first 30 days.  We will review the business of how to have the best start of care: the set-up, the first discussions, getting enrolled in school or daycare, getting a doctor and dental appointment.  We will also cover how and when to turn in the inevitable paperwork. Bring your questions and your open mind—and be ready to take notes that will get you through the first 30 days and longer!

Online via Zoom

Positive Discipline Techniques with Foster Youth

This training provides an explanation of what the “positive” in Positive Discipline is and how it works.  The focus will be on key elements to reduce power struggles, as well as to inform participants on the differences between punishments vs. consequences.  This training will give examples for effective and thoughtful consequences, as well how to emphasize the use of “natural” consequences.  There will be time for discussion, as participants will be able to hear what techniques have best worked for others and to go over specific situations that may be currently coming up in the home.

Online via Zoom

Managing Problem Behaviors at Home

As a parent, you have many choices on how to manage the behaviors of the children in your care—you can change what you do and set up the children for success.  This training provides a clear and detailed breakdown of what are Antecedents, Behaviors and Consequences that lead to good or bad behavior in children in the home.  There will be examples from the experiences of Aldea’s social workers and plenty of time to discuss the different options.  You will leave this training will some more tools in your toolbox to help you understand and manage the behaviors in your home.

Online via Zoom