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Supportive Outreach & Access to Resources

Supportive Outreach & Access to Resources

Through Supportive Outreach & Access to Resources (SOAR), Aldea helps people who are experiencing the symptoms of early psychosis to reduce and manage their symptoms so they may succeed in education, careers and relationships.

Based on the model developed by Cameron Carter, MD of the UC Davis Early Diagnosis and Preventative Treatment Clinic, SOAR components include:

Community outreach to local schools, special education programs and service providers to teach staff and volunteers how to identify signs of early psychosis

Treatment services, including:

    • Psychiatric medication management
    • Individualized clinical case management
    • Weekly psychoeducation and support groups
    • Weekly multi-family support groups (Napa County Only)
    • Bi-monthly family and multi-family support groups (Solano County Only)
    • Peer advocate support
    • Education and employment support

Eligibility criteria includes:

  1. Ages: Medi-Cal & Uninsured clients ages 8-30 in Napa and 12-30 in Solano & Sonoma; Kaiser clients 12-25 only
  2. IQ > 70, no significant medical illness/ injury associated with psychotic symptoms OR condition that impairs cognition (e.g. head injury, tumor, etc.)
  3. Clinical criteria must include one or more of the following:
    1. Onset of psychosis within the past two years; or,
    2. Attenuated psychotic symptoms (of any duration); or,
    3. Recent deterioration in ability to cope with stressors and have a parent or sibling with a history of psychotic disorder; or,
    4. Diagnosis of Mood/Bipolar Disorder (with attenuated psychotic symptoms of any duration OR fully psychotic features with onset in the past two years).
  4. Drug use is acceptable, but no dependence.

Clients most appropriate for referral to the program include those with caregivers or a support system willing to participate in the member’s treatment and benefit from the full scope of program supports. For more information, contact the Aldea SOAR Program Coordinator:

Solano County:

Aldea Children & Family Services 
Supportive Outreach & Access to Resources (SOAR)
470 Chadbourne Road, Suite D 
Fairfield, CA  94534  [ map it ]
Office: (707) 425-9670  
Fax: (707) 427-1637
Service Inquiries:
Natalia Martinez
Bilingual Program Coordinator, Solano SOAR
General Inquiries:
Julie Falicki, LMFT
Program Director, Solano Behavioral Health Services

Napa County:

Aldea Children & Family Services 
Supportive Outreach & Access to Resources (SOAR)
2310 1st Street
Napa, CA 94559 [ map it ]
Office: (707) 255-1855
Fax: (707) 255-5621
Service Inquiries:
Ricardo Romero
Bilingual Program Coordinator
General Inquiries:
Sarada Oglesby, LMFT
Program Director, Napa SOAR

Sonoma County:

Aldea Children & Family Services 
Supportive Outreach & Access to Resources (SOAR)
The Elizabeth Morgan Brown Center
A One Mind ASPIRe Clinic
2300 Northpoint Pkwy
Santa Rosa, CA 95407 [ map it ]
Office: (707) 255-1855
Fax: (707) 255-5621 
General Inquiries:
Lisa Hirsch, MC, EdD, APCC
Program Director, Sonoma SOAR