ALDEA Children & FAmily Services


Aldea Children & Family Services improves people’s mental health so they can strengthen their relationships and become engaged in the community. Through critical mental health, treatment foster care and adoption, and support services, Aldea helps more than 3,900 people annually in Napa and Solano counties who face obstacles to accessing and receiving effective treatment.

We enable children to begin to heal from past trauma, families to build healthy relationships and adults with developmental disabilities to remain independent. By empowering people to achieve emotional wellness before their challenges become more entrenched and difficult to treat, Aldea increases the safety and wellness of the community for all of us.

To view our Board-approved Strategic Plan for 2017-2020, please click here.

Aldea Children & Family Services is a 501(c)(3) charitable tax-exempt organization. Our Tax ID is 94-2159248.