Treatment Foster Care & Adoption Services

Treatment Foster Care & Adoption Services

Aldea is committed to providing children the opportunity to live and thrive in safe, stable permanent homes. Through Treatment Foster Care (TFC) and Adoption Services, Aldea places youth with approved resource families, provides ongoing foster child and family support, and facilitates adoption when biological parents or relatives are unable to provide a safe home.

Emergency Placement (EP), Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC) & Treatment Foster Care (TFC)

Aldea offers a foster care model that provides individualized, intensive treatment for foster children with serious medical, psychological, and behavioral needs who would otherwise be placed in institutional settings.

When county agencies remove children from their biological families because the children’s safety is at risk, Aldea may be asked to place the children with approved resource families. Aldea provides emergency, intensive treatment and therapeutic foster care placement and services, which consists of:

  • Ongoing clinical assessment and treatment
  • Individual, group and family psychotherapy
  • Psychiatry, including medication management
  • Weekly home supervision and support
  • Mentoring and in-home support counseling
  • 24-hour on-call support
  • Supervised visits and reunification with, and support for, biological families
  • Respite care
  • Support for children transitioning out of Aldea foster care services

To talk with Aldea staff about services, contact:
Christina LaRocca, Supervisor
(707) 224-8266

Resource Parent Approval

Aldea recruits, trains, approves and supports resource parents. To learn how to become a resource parent, please click here and check out our Frequently Asked Questions About Resource Parenting.

Adoption Services

Aldea encourages both prospective and approved resource parents to consider adoption because sometimes foster children are unable to live permanently with their biological parents or relatives.  Aldea recruits and trains prospective adoptive parents, helps match children and prospective adoptive families, and provides counseling and support for both the children and adoptive families. Learn more by reading our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Adoption.

To talk with Aldea staff about how to become a resource or prospective adoptive parent, contact:
Karen Lustig, Supervisor
(707) 224-8266