Aldea Substance Use Disorder Services

Aldea Substance Use Disorder Services

Aldea Substance Use Disorder services is a program that offers substance abuse prevention and treatment services for Napa County youth in order to reduce the impact of alcohol and drug abuse on our youth, families, schools and communities. Components, which are provided at the Wolfe Center in Napa as well as throughout Napa County, include:

  • Substance abuse community awareness and education
  • School-based prevention, screening, assessment, early and/or brief intervention, and lower-level treatment  at  middle and high school campuses throughout Napa County
  • Alcohol and drug screening, assessment, brief intervention and referral services
  • Early intervention counseling and treatment services
  • Family education and parental support
  • Aftercare services to support youth following their completion of the program

All services are available in Spanish.

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Effective June 30, 2014, these services currently provided by Wolfe Center will continue formally under Aldea. To learn more, please read our press release.

Eligibility – Napa County Residents

Youth (ages 12 – 18 at point of admission) with substance abuse issues as well as their families

Service inquiries:

Jennifer Padilla, LMFT
SUDS Clinical Supervisor
(707) 224-8266

2310 First Street
Napa, CA 94559