Transitional Housing Placement +(NMD)

Social Services

Aldea’s THP+NMD (non-minor dependent) empowers youth (ages 18-21) formerly in foster care to successfully transition from out-of-home placements to independent living. For up to 24 months, participants receive housing assistance and mental health and support services, including help securing and maintaining employment, finding housing and developing healthy relationships.

Youth aging out of foster care face many barriers to housing because they are significantly more likely to drop out of school, be involved in the juvenile justice system, struggle with employment, and experience mental illness. These challenges can be compounded by insufficient child welfare system resources and a lack of affordable housing.

To help transition-age youth overcome these obstacles, the Aldea THP+FC program requires tenants to pay a portion of their utility bills, be employed or enrolled in school, and meet regularly with a case worker to demonstrate progress made toward personal goals.

To talk with Aldea staff about our Transitional Housing program, contact:
Karen Valentine, Supervisor
(707) 224-8266

If you need additional support, please contact- Krystal Johnson, Program Director, (707) 224-8266