ALDEA Children & FAmily Services

Aldea Training Institute

Aldea Training Institute provides the community with education opportunities in Napa and Solano Counties. Topics ranging from child welfare, foster care, adoption and mental health services will be offered through out the year.

Supporting Family Engagement through the 3-5-7 Model

Title IV-E Trainings provided in partnership with Chabot-Los Positas Community College District

The 3-5-7 Model™ is a core child welfare practice which provides a guided approach to permanency. It incorporates theoretical underpinnings from grief work, child development, attachment, separation and loss, trauma, family systems and relationship development. This training will overview specific case vignettes where in which the CANS
(Child and Adolescent Needs & Service) tool and 357 Grief & Loss Model has been used in conjunction with another to discuss effective treatment of care. 

RSVP REQUIRED BY:  Wednesday before training

For more information or to RSVP, please contact Adriana Villanueva :
707-557-4560 ext. 100