Courage Center


Since 2008, Aldea has been fortunate to house Napa’s Courage Center in partnership with Napa County’s District Attorney’s Office. The Courage Center of Napa is a Nationally Accredited Children Advocacy Center of California. The Courage Center has provided child victims of sexual and physical abuse with a safe friendly location where interviews and physical examinations can be conducted. At Courage Center services are provided with the victims in mind creating an environment sensitive to their needs.

Courage Center process starts by:
Collaborative fact finding by the team
Forensic Interviews
Medical Examinations
Initiating Advocacy Services
Connection to Mental Health Services

For Information:
Sharon DeMarco, MFT Director
(707) 225-3802

The Courage Center is comprised of a Multi-Disciplinary Interview Team (MDIT) that includes Napa County’s law enforcement, child welfare services, district attorney office, sexual assault response medical staff, victims’ advocacy and mental health providers. The effective MDIT has worked together over several years for the protection of Napa County’s children. It is the Courage Center’s goal to conduct a forensic interview of the victim only once to minimize the child’s distress and facilitate a successful prosecution.