Featured Event

2nd Annual Summer Art Camp

No summer plans? Interested in exploring your artistic talents? Join us at our 2nd Annual Summer Art Camp at the Wolfe Center.

This camp is FREE for middle and high school students. Camp runs from June 21st through August 5th, with classes held Tuesday through Friday from 10 AM-12:30 PM at the Wolfe Center in Napa. Jose Martinez will lead youth in exploring a variety of media, including arts & crafts, painting & drawing, and a book project. 

For questions or to register your child, contact: jmartinez@aldeainc.org or 707-255-1855, ext. 311

Program Spotlight

Aldea is committed to providing children the opportunity to live and thrive in safe, stable permanent homes. Through Treatment Foster Care (TFC) and Adoption Services, Aldea places youth with certified foster families, provides ongoing foster child and family support, and facilitates adoption when biological parents or relatives are unable to provide a safe home. To learn more, click here

Employee Spotlight

Latoya Akil
Compliance Coordinator

"What comes to mind first [when thinking of Aldea] is the amazing group of compassionate people I get the honor of working with each day. What comes to mind next is the welcoming atmosphere everyone aims to create, not only to make it a great working environment, but to also enhance the experience for those we serve."

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