Be Social!

You may hear it quite a lot, but Be Kind to YOU! ⠀
If your child is ever having a hard time, check out this article to see how to help them adjust.
The swing may have stopped, but you can always kick to go higher. Ask someone for help, or encourage yourself to fly….⠀
It really isn’t.. Some might even say it’s their cup of tea. Mimic the corgi, and care for you.⠀
Dear Aldea community,
The Staff and Board of Aldea wish to send our love and support to the family and friends of the heroes who gave their lives helping Veterans with mental health needs at The Pathway Home Friday. Our...
It’s okay to not know what to do sometimes, you will be able to figure it out soon. But for now, here are some tips to remember….To read more about it, go to #fostercarefriday
We are excited to announce our 3rd annual Suicide Prevention & Awareness Conference this fall in Napa Valley! stay tuned for announcements of speakers and workshops offered for CEU's!
Be sure to spread the kindnesses! Even the little things make someone's day!⠀
Thank you to all the Adoptive parents that have given a children a chance at (a forever)family. #fostercarefriday Go to our website to read the articles
Just our little something to keep us going... Hope it can keep everyone else going too!
More and more research is showing that belonging is key to health, physical, mental, spiritual.
We understand you’re busy, but don’t forget that you are human too. Take care of yourself and rest… #kindnessmonday
Success stories from A Family for Every Child, really warm our hearts. Take a minute to see the affect these families have and let them inspire you join Aldea as a Foster Parent #fostercarefriday
Talk Saves Lives (TM) - An Introduction to Suicide Prevention Stan Collins has worked in the suicide prevention field for over 19 years. He has presented or provided training to over 650,000 adults and youth on the subject of suicide prevention including medical professionals, military, law enforcement, school staff and ...
Working with Foster Youth in a Resource Family Home Training Have you considered becoming a resource family to foster youth? Join us on Tuesday, September 12th as we partner with Chabot-Los Positas Community College District for a FREE workshop to explain the responsibilities of a foster parent, the role of...

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