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Be Social!

No to worry, the zebra will climb higher and see the day we all wait for...
Summer is coming up! It's is the time to spend time with the family and embrace your foster kids in fun activities! Go to the link to see the family fun things you can do this summer!
It’s the time again to remember to take care of yourself and give you time. #kindnessmonday
Can't think of why you would want to be a foster parent, out of the thousands there are. That's okay! Because this article gives you some to focus and think on!
Be a foster parent in your county!
Being a foster parent can have its lessons. One of them will be learning how to teach your foster child. Go to the link to see how you can build strategies to a productive learning environment.
Stressed this week? Not to worry….Do any of these when you can and you will get through this week.
Thank you to our 2017 Donors! Aldea Children & Family Services improves people’s mental health so they can strengthen their relationships and become engaged in the community.
Talk Saves Lives (TM) - An Introduction to Suicide Prevention Stan Collins has worked in the suicide prevention field for over 19 years. He has presented or provided training to over 650,000 adults and youth on the subject of suicide prevention including medical professionals, military, law enforcement, school staff and ...

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