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Napa Valley Register - Let’s talk about suicide: Napa County Suicide Prevention Council launches awareness campaign

Nine people have died by suicide in Napa County so far this year. Last year, there were 18 deaths by suicide. Between January 2000 and June 2017, 245 people died by suicide, according to county officials.

In 2016, two of those people were only teenagers – one a student at Redwood Middle School, the other attended Vintage High School. Out of their deaths came discussions – discussions about what parents could do, what professionals could, and what the community could do to see the signs and potentially save people, to prevent suicide.

Aldea’s Courage Village was formed, Teens Connect was formed and, finally, toward the end of 2017, the Napa County’s Suicide Prevention Council was formed. These groups, along with others in the county, are working together to spread awareness, to end the stigma around suicide, and prevent more deaths.The council has been meeting since November and has already started launching projects. Their first awareness campaign, which is focused on anti-stigma messaging, was launched Monday...