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Innovative Napa program helps young people deal with early signs of psychosis

A Napa County program for young people experiencing the symptoms of early psychosis says it has successfully helped the majority of its clients significantly reduce such symptoms, or even put them into remission.

SOAR, or Supportive Outreach & Access to Resources, has assisted almost 100 people in the county since it started two years ago under the auspices of Aldea Children & Family Services.

“This truly is a prevention program for one of the most severe mental illnesses any of us can experience,” said Bill Carter, mental health director at the Napa County Health & Human Services Agency.

With the help of the SOAR program, “No longer do people afflicted with serious mental illness have to live lives of isolation or homelessness. They are able to pursue their interests, relationships and participate in the community,” said Mark Bontrager, Aldea’s executive director.

SOAR began two years ago with funding from Auction Napa Valley, courtesy of Napa Valley Vintners, and the county of Napa.

Programs such as SOAR that provide early treatment, represent the best, evidence-based practices developed so far to assist young people in the early stages of psychosis to live the full and productive lives they deserve, said Brandon Staglin, director of marketing communications for Staglin Family Vineyard.

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