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Success Stories- Aldea Continues to Provide Forever Families for Children in Need

Through Aldea's Treatment Foster Care & Adoptions (TFC&A) program, more than 500 foster children and families are served annually in both Napa and Solano county. The program encompasses regular and Intensive Treatment foster care, adoptions, Emergency placement, and Transitional aged youth client services.

TFC& A provides forever homes to an average of five children and youth in the foster care system through successful adoptions every year.  Although the need for permanent and stable homes remains high for many children in our community, every child that Aldea helps connect to a loving, caring and nurturing home adds to one brighter future helping create a healthier community for everyone.

New adoptive parent, Karen Musk expresses, "Our family has changed in the most beautiful way since we adopted Jada. We feel truly blessed to be able to have her in our family! These heart-warming testimonials from new families showcase the work and dedication of Aldea staff who work hard to find forever families for children in need. Musk continues,  "Thank you to Aldea for not only making our family whole, but for also allowing us to be part of your family.”

Photo: Adoptive parent, Karen Musk with Jada

Baby Lucy came to Aldea as a tiny, frail newborn who was born with a congenital heart defect. With the help of Aldea, Lucy was able to be placed in a loving home where new mom, Martha, continues to provide the care and love needed for her to flourish. Three years after adoption, Lucy's heart is nearly completely healed! Martha told Aldea, "My daughter has flourished into a healthy, funny, smart, beautiful little girl! Alexis has changed my life forever and I am in awe of all that is motherhood!"

 Photo: Adoptive parent, Martha and Lucy

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.