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Wolfe Center transition: youth substance abuse treatment in Napa to continue under another organization

Napa, Calif. – April 11, 2014 – After more than a decade of providing substance abuse services for youth, the Wolfe Center will close its doors on June 30th; services will reopen in the same location under another nonprofit. The local nonprofit serves approximately 2,000 youth and their families each year through drug and alcohol abuse prevention, intervention and treatment services at the agency’s First Street facility as well as in Napa County schools. Aldea Children & Family Services is partnering with the Wolfe Center to ensure continuation of youth substance abuse services following the Center’s closure.

 “Although this is a very difficult decision, it is also a great opportunity,” explains Sheila Daugherty, executive director and co-founder of the Wolfe Center. “I’m proud that we’ve been able to help Napa youth avoid and escape the devastating impact of substance abuse. But the board and I agree that Aldea, as the largest private mental health provider locally and also the finest, they can best deliver substance treatment alongside their strong mental health services in a manner to better help our youth.  Aldea also has the infrastructure necessary to best deliver these programs that are so desperately needed.” With support from the Peter A. and Vernice H. Gasser Foundation, and Napa Valley Vintners and Auction Napa Valley, the Wolfe Center will continue operations through June. Aldea, which specializes in a wide range of mental health, child welfare and support services, will begin to receive funding from Napa County Health and Human Services in July to integrate substance abuse services for youth.

The two nonprofits, which have worked closely since the Wolfe Center’s inception in 2004, see the partnership as a natural fit. “Because substance abuse and mental health issues can be closely linked, we serve many of the same clients,” explains Mark Bontrager, Aldea Executive Director. “The Wolfe Center has had a tremendous impact on kids and families in Napa. We appreciate their legacy and look forward to continuing to help prevent and treat substance abuse among our youth.”

Alfredo Pedroza, Aldea Board Member and Napa City Councilmember, echoes the accounts of both executive directors. “At the end of the day, we’re both committed to helping our youth get healthy so they can finish school, get jobs and become successful adults, which ultimately benefits the community for all of us.”