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Our hearts are full for our client Richard Ong !

January Activities

Our hearts are full for our client Richard Ong who received a perfect attendance award! He has been a worker all of his life, despite his developmental disability. He started working at Lixit Corporation when Vallerga’s closed their beverage store on Silverado Trail a few years ago. He is a man of routine and sticks to a work schedule come hell or high water! He is very proud of his record as he knows he’s worked hard for it.❤️ #perfectattendance #brightfutures #supportingNapaResidents #littlevillagebighearts

Michael Senn Memorial Bench Dedication

Michael Senn Memorial Bench Dedication

On Monday afternoon February 4th, the family and 4 co-workers of Michael Senn came to pay tribute and honor his life. Michael Senn died by suicide on February 3rd, 2016 and left a legacy gift to Aldea in his will. The bench has a memorial plaque with the image of Taft Point from Yosemite National Park. It was a favorite hiking spot for Michael and his ashes were brought there in October by his family.

Pictured is Michael's older brother Charley and wife Jenny who came from San Luis Obispo to join us. Charley shared that Michael had struggled with mental health issues for a very long time. They felt he left Aldea the gift because of his struggles in childhood, hoping other children would get help sooner than he did. They are pleased that Michael chose Aldea to leave a legacy to help others in our little village.

The phrase the family chose for the plaque states, "Peace of mind prevails when you learn to smile at yourself." Despite Michael's struggles his brother said he had a great sensor humor and quick wit that and this embodied the spirit of Michael.

They were excited to hear about Courage Village, our suicide prevention and awareness campaign and the Napa County Suicide Prevention Council that Aldea co-chairs with the county. They could see Michael's legacy to help others in action and were grateful for the work we do.

January Activities

January Activities

Each year the Napa community offers a variety of community projects that residents can help and give back to the community to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Diana Griffin with husband Dave Griffin(Team Griffin!) worked with a half dozen volunteers from the community to revive the walls of our training room at the Allen Ewig Building downtown Napa.

Thanks to Diana for pulling this together!

January Activities   January Activities


A FOCUS on Medical Needs of Youth in Care Hurting deep.....Healing deep by Shahrukh Chishty, Sr. Director of Social Services

A on FOCUS Medical Needs of Youth in Care   Hurting deep.....Healing deep   by Shahrukh Chishty, Sr. Director of Social ServicesHurting Deep...Healing Deep

The bleeding of the punched lip, the anxiety of the com-ing of the night, or the triggering of hearing the name of a child’s molester... all are forms of hurt, and all need healing.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to heal our deeply traumatized children deeply and someday
completely? Healing doesn’t just mean cleaning up the lip, having a side light on at night, or avoiding being around a perpetrator. Healing is understanding the complexities of trauma and how all these factors combine to form deep wounds. In order to provide relief, a very specialized and unique approach is required based on the story of each child’s heartache and pain....


State gives Napa County $400,000 to help victims of traumatic abuse

Napa County District AttorneyThe Napa County District Attorney's Office will receive $400,000 to create a center for victims of abuse.

The state issued grants totaling $1.2 million in 2018 to create Family Justice Centers, which serve victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and elder or dependent adult abuse, according to the California Office of Emergency Services's website.

The DA's office has been working with community groups for four years in hopes of creating such a center, according to the grant proposal. Napa County will be awarded that funding over the next two years.

Victims who are served by the center could meet with employees of the DA's office, law enforcement officers, victim advocates, forensic interviewers, and workers in government and nonprofit organizations, according to a press release sent Wednesday.

The DA's Office said it reviews many allegations of abuse in Napa County each year. There were 501 domestic violence reports, six human trafficking reports, 26 elder abuse reports and 18 teen sex assault reports during the last fiscal year, which ended in June.

The center is expected to be housed in the Aldea Children and Family Services building on First Street in downtown Napa. Aldea staff would also work in the facility.

That site is near the county's Courage Center Program, which serves children who are victims of crimes, according to the release.

Having so many service providers work together would improve service for victims and ensure that their personal needs were met, the release said.

The DA's Office hopes to secure its first contract in January, said Nikki Lundeen, who aided in the grant process.

A year earlier, the state had awarded Family Justice Center grants that included nearby Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano and Sacramento counties.